Our Mission

Comfortable, modern and secure environment for our guests all the time, technological, ecological, economic and humanitarian values, considering the high level of service sector with the continuous development of our understanding of our products and services to be a pioneer.

We Primera Hotel, comfortable, modern and secure environment by providing the best quality products and services to ensure our guests feel comfortable.
Primera Hotel, dignitaries, such as a customer does not see it as a venerable and precious a guest.
Primera Hotel guests can take advantage of products and services each time we come face to face with the level and communicate in a sincere manner always feel Primera provide diversity.
Set Primera Hotel, teamwork makes the other employees we see it as a friend.
We all Primera Hotel guests make every effort, no matter under what security conditions; comfort and desires met to remain satisfied with the show.
Primera Hotel, 3 things , give importance to all our relationships. Respect; Level and Intimacy.
We establish eye contact with every point we encounter the Primera Hotel guests warmly welcome their level and
Primera Hotel will contribute to our development as we believe in professional work and to ourselves in this environment, teammates, and strive to contribute to our company.
We Primera Hotel, honesty, moral integrity and adopt as our fundamental values: human dignity.